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Priaulx & Division 1 Registration Form

Player Registration 2024/25 Season

Subscriptions for 2024/25 Season 

Subscriptions for the season are £190.00 (includes club subscription, GFA Fee, and once full subs have been received, some match fines at discretion of Team Coaches (Priaulx & Division 1 matches only)

A digital form can be completed below, any printed forms are to be returned by email:


Please confirm the date of the subs payment and return one form per email. (Form to be returned as an email attachment rather than a photo as these can be unclear) or by post to Nicki Hamon, Bodyline Ltd, La Plaque Lane, Forest GY8 0DR.


Online Payments:

St Martins AC

Sort Code: 40-22-25

A/C Number: 74212959

Please state Player Name and Team, with all payments.

Priaulx & Division 1
Player Registration



Details of football activity. Senior Football, Coaching Sessions and Playing in Football League and Cup Games during the season 2024/2025.

agree to taking part in any activity as described above and I acknowledge the need to behave responsibly and within the FA laws of the game. I have read and accepted the rules of St Martins AC and understand that they must be adhered to at all times.


Medical Information

Do you have any medical condition that may affect you during any football activity which the club should be aware of?

Select an option

Welfare:  The club's welfare policy is available on this website, I understand that it is recommended that I review the information available to me.

Insurance:  I am aware the Club’s Insurance Policy may not cover any expenses incurred during medical treatment towards my care. Therefore, I understand that I have been advised that private medical insurance should be obtained to cover myself. (A copy of club policy is available in the clubhouse)


Images/Data:  I am aware that at times the club may wish to take photos or videos of the team in and that these will be available for viewing via the St Martin's A.C. website. I note the club adheres to FA guidelines to ensure these are safe, respectful and used solely for the purpose they are intended for. Data supplied will be recorded and used club purposes as required. Data requested by GFA/FA may be supplied by the club. I confirm by signing that this is acceptable to me. More details here:


Medical Treatment:  I agree that I can receive medication as instructed and any emergency dental, medical or surgical treatment, including anaesthetic or blood transfusion, as considered necessary by authorities present.

I acknowledge that I have read and understood the declarations above (please acknowledge by checking each section below) including recommended information for the Welfare Policy.

By inputting your name above, you are verifying that the statements and information provided are true and correct, and you are attesting to the validity of all contents within this electronic submission. By clicking on the submit button, you are deemed to have electronically signed this form. Should you choose not to submit the form electronically please download and complete the form here.

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