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Why we use Teamer

Teamer Functions

To enable us to monitor who is due to attend sessions and for us to ensure that we arrange a session for the appropriate number of players attending and have the correct amounts of coaches available for the sessions.


It provides coaches with players contact information which can be used in the case of an emergency.  

How to use Teamer


Each player has one account on Teamer, this account will be used for each team / Year Group they play for.

The person who submitted the original registration form for a player will be sent a link by the club to create the teamer account, they can create the account themselves or forward this to another parent/guardian to create the account.  The person who creates the account is then responsible for maintaining the account with up-to-date details and is responsible for the data held.


The account creator can add additional contacts to the account (all contacts MUST be 18 years or over, therefore players cannot be a contact)


Contact details should include both email and mobile numbers for all contacts, these can be used by coaches in the case of an emergency.


Teamer notifications can be received by email or via the Teamer app.


The club does not create the teamer account but sends the necessary links for an account to be created.


Player contacts will receive invites for all football sessions. Please ensure that the correct response is submitted and that one contact does not submit one response, and another contact a different one.  If circumstances change, then the status/response can be updated.


If the original creator of the account is no longer the correct person to be maintaining the account, the account can be deleted, with their consent, and a link resent so a new account can be created.


IT IS ESSENTIAL THAT ALL INVITES ARE REPLIED TO PROMPTLY, if you have issues submitting responses, please contact so we can resolve the issue.

Check your details are up to date and reply to each request sent

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